My Book Essential not compatible XP Pro SP3


I tried to use a “My Book Essential 2TB USB3” on Windows XP Professional SP3.

When I plugged the HD in my computer, every thing went well (all drivers installed) but the partition of the disk is not visible.

I can see the HD in Device Manager / Disk drives. . . but in Computer Management / Storage / Disk management, the disk is not visible.

Worst, any USB HD plugged on this PC is more recognized !!!  :cry:

So, I imagine that the drivers’ installation has installed an incompatible component which prevents me using USB HD.

Has somebody an idea of what has been installed and how to rollback this installation?

Thank for your help

Did you use some type of addon card for the USB 3.0? Are the other USB drives 2.0 or 3.0? You might check and see if there is any updated softeware for it at the maker’s site.