My Book Essential not being detected


I just reinstalled my Windows - it’s Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Now I am not able to connect my 1 TB USB3 My Book Essential. Device manager has no signs of the attached drive, unlike normal times when it shows up in disk drives, or it shows up even when my laptop won’t detect occasionally, but still show in device manager. 

I tried in USB 2 and USB 3 slots of my PC, both, but doesn’t work. 

Motherboard: GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3 - GA-880GM-USB3

PS: I tried to use my USB 2 flash drive on the USB 3 slot, and seems like it wasn’t detecting it too, while USB 2 slots did. So what would it be? I have installed all of the drivers what Gigabyte has provided.

Please help.

Thank You.

EDIT: I figured it out, I had to install special drivers for the USB 3 thing, and it worked! :smiley:

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I am most glad you have been able to find a a solution for your issue, and I thank you for sharing it with the WD Community for other users to see.