My Book Essential not accessible - shows up as CD Drive in W.Explorer and not at all in WD SmartWare

Turned on pc this morning, WD SmartWare icon flashing green/white, right click says Drive Discovering, My Book Essential USB HDD, and Windows Explorer now says it is a CD Drive, and that it may be corrupt. NO. It is new and has all my data on it. Please help.

Look in Disk Management and see what it shows there. If it’s corrupt then maybe TestDisk  will fix it.


Hi, thanks for your reply, in the top half of the screen of Disk Management it is listed as G: Simple/Basic/RAW/ Healthy/30 MB 100%free and the bottom half of the screen lists both G: CD ROM 2 30MB, healthy AND Disk 2 Unknown 310.85GB Not Initialized 310.85 Unallocated?? of course this means zip to me…