My Book Essential no longer showing up in Windows 7 OS

I have a 2TB My Book Essential (WDBACW0020HBK-01) that I was planning on using to share files back and forth between 2 computers.  When I initially plugged it into my Windows 7 machine it worked no problem for a couple of days and now all of a sudden it doesn’t show up in explorer or anything.  I noticed that when it stopped working my computer beeped as if I just unplugged it which I never did.  I also checked disk management and it doesn’t show up there either.  If I go plug it back in my other computer which is Windows Vista it still shows up without any issues.  I tried installing the WD SES Driver but that didn’t fix the problem either.  After lurking in the forums I see there are several others having the same problem but was unable to find a solution that fixed mine.  Any ideas?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’m hoping you get an answer to this problem.  Mine did exactly the same thing.  It was working beautifully for several weeks and all of a sudden it just stopped.  My computer won’t even recognized that it is plugged in the usb port.  All of my pictures, music and documents are on that #$%& hard drive.  It did work in another computer so I think I can recover the data but i would sure like to know what happened on this computer.