My Book Essential is dead I believe

I’ve seen people that say they have problem with there light blinking on an off. Well I don’t even have that. The light doesn’t come on at all. It’s not showing up on the computer. I even tried to use my brother’s adapter but nothing happens…I not sure if this external is dead or what or if it gone into some lock mode…I don’t know whats going on with it I haven’t even use it that much. Can somebody tell what’s going on?

If there’s no light, no vibration and no sound even with a different power adapter then either the drive itself or the external case is dead. I’d call WD for a replacement if you’re still under warranty, if not you can try to take the drive off the case and see if the internal drive still works inside your PC.

i agree with pizza, but only if you have an older mb essential.  the newer ones use hardware encryption, and won’t work if you remove them from the case.

I was trying to reply to the “mybook fell to the floor thread” but there was no reply button. So, given that the board is probably damaged after falling, is there anyway of recovering the the data. Will the drive work with an enclosure ? My 1tb drive is at least three years old. Possibly older.
Hop3 you folks could help.

what’s the model number?