My book Essential is connected but not showing in my computer

I have a “my book essential”. 2tb … One day i connect my book to my laptop at that time it was working …but when i restart the laptop with the drive connected … it stop working …

the adaptor is working … light is blinking on the drive … showing connected but not showing in my computer 

i connected to different laptops and destop … still nothing 

i have lot of data in that … and that is very important … i need the data …

PLease help me … how to solve it …

Welcome to the Community.

If your hard drive is not locked then unfortunately this is a sign of data corruption. I’d recommend contacting a specialized service for analysis.

See if the drive appears on disk management… and we can think about maybe driver curroption

Clean drivers using ( dos program) reboot the computer and see if it solves the issue

Good luck


I had the same problem, and I solved it using a free data recovery software named TestDisk (

Tutorial by

I hope I have helped you or other people.