My Book essential HD 2 TB Startup installing

I have a brand new WD My Book essential HD 2 TB .  After connected the HD, the "My Book essential’ HD icon appeared in the desktop.  I noted that some apple menu items such as new folder, appeared inactive. I tried to copy any folder to the disk and it didn’t let me do this task. When I tried to install the WD Essential Elite Firmware Updater app software, downloaded at WD web site, I followed the WD site instructions step by step; since it was installed I launched the app, but it crashes over and over and over again and my computer asks me to relaunch it each time. Suddenly, the  Virtual CD Manager software icon dissappeared from the desktop, and the original orange ‘My Book HD’ icon has changed into a very different kind seemed like as a black speedometer on the top right of the icon. I can’t do a backup my computer since the hard disk won’t let me do it, it looks like it was locked. I tried to connect the HD with a Windows vista and it seems no to be a problem. whenever I could back up files normally. I tried again and again bring up the virtual hosting with disk utilities but has not returned to reappear. I had the full care off before you do anything all antivirus programs as called for in the download website. Since I have not had much experience with this type of problem, I desperately try to start using the hard drive without success. I have a Power Mac 2.5 Ghz. Quad G5 with Tiger 4.11. I wonder if someone would kindly tell me if I need to reformat the hard step by step in a safe way, every time I see some comments that this makes the problem worse in some cases, to such an extent that computers do not recognize or disk even after doing this. Thanking you in advance for your help, I send a cordial greeting.


The WD Essential 2TB drive might be formatted with windows file system

that is why you can not copy or back up any files to it from a Mac computer.

Installing firmware or software update is not needed.

You need to re-format it to Mac file system, that drive will only work with Mac.

If you need to make it work for both Mac and PC, there is a way to do that. 

But, many risks are involved, like your data might corrupted when you move the drive in between them, your file size is limit to 4GB each.

You can find more details on how to do this from