MY book Essential Hard Drive Bad Sector

I have 3TB My book Essential I bought from someone it look like new but my problem is that when i checked my book WD by WD saftware after few minutes massege show lot of bad sector found and software stop please guide how can remove bad sector from MY book Essential hard drive.

My drive has warrenty till 06/2013.but I can’t send my hard drive for RMA to other country because I can’t able to pay high charges for courier service

please help me i am still waiting for anybody response

Have you run the Western Digital DLG tool?

yes, after few secound  software scane stop (software did not perform Hard Disk complete scane )  and  show me answer lot of bad sector found

p/z friends help me and give me solution

You can hire drive repair specialist, then can run a self-scan on the drive to update the g-list of the drive. Bad sectors should get mapped and put in that list so they are not available for further write/read procedures. Any place with PC3000 should be able to do it. It could be data recovery firm, or hard drive repair specialist.