My Book Essential - Full - how to reformat

My Book Essential is almost full and is now not saving some of my files.  This was partly due to it saving 5 back-up copies of files by default.  I have WD Smartware installed and would like to re-format my drive and continue using the Smartware but be more selective as to what gets backed up.

Can anyone tell me how to to do this?  Will I need to unistall Smartware and reinstall it or can I reformat and then just open the installed Smartware software?

You can explore the Smartware backup folder “Smartware.swstor”, recover any important files and then format the My Book. If you don’t have any important files to recover, you can just format it. To be more selective on your backup, use the file backup option on Smartware, to manually select the folder that you would like to backup, check the link below for the steps.