My Book Essential Freezes my computer

When I plug in the My Book Essential (1.5T) into the USB port it causes my computer to freeze after a few monents.  Computer does not recognize the drive.  Same thing happens if I boot up the computer with the drive plugged in.  Same thing happens on my second computer.

I have two My Book Essentials.  The second one works perfectly.

My rig is Win 7, 64 bit, core i7

Any ideas?

Carl S

The information inside the my book could be corrupted or it is faulty. To be sure follow the link below to run a test with DLG.


Ive got the same problem as Carl. When I plug in the My Book Essential (3.0T) freezes the programs that im running for a few moments.

I tried to run a test with DLG just as Alucardx23 said but it didnt recognized the drivers for it.

When I plugged it out, it pops a message that sais “Format the external drive to use”.

Can someone help us?

Its there a button or something to reset the My Book Essential to factory settings?

A bit more information that might help everyone.

We have just bought 8x Dell Latitude E6320/6520’s, all 2.080GHz i7’s with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD’s running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

We also bought 8x WD My Book Essential USB 3.0 1TB Drives, unpacked them out of the box and linked each one to it’s Laptop to set up scheduled backups for our field guys.

To a man, every single WD HDD is causing this problem on every single Laptop. This is not an odd occurance of an issue, there is a bug in the firmware or software somewhere. I have read elsewhere that it may be the WD SmartWare that is causing it rather than the HDD, I haven’t tested this yet, but don’t go down the line of thinking your individual HDD is faulty!