My Book Essential Firmware update problem


I’m having troubles updating my firmware.

I’m following the steps from here:

But after step 6, i always end to this message: 


I don’t have any firewalls installed, no any AV installed or running.

Tested it on 3 different computers and i always end to this message and cannot continue.

Is there solution to this problem or a way for manual firmware installation?


Are you downloading the installation file and then decompressing it before trying to install it?

Sure yes, i’m following the steps by the book as described.

Think the WD update servers are down somehow and cause this issue.

Weird, because the update file is supposed to download completely before the installation can begin. Just remember that if everything is working fine, the firmware update is not something that you are obliged to do.

They are important updates, see here:

I’m currently using the 1st one initial, so i’m several firmwares behind.

I want to update it since there is important changes from release notes.

Also hope that this can fix the compatibiliy issue with my TV

And also WD software strongly insist to update to the latest version.

And also i can’t install latest WD software for my drive, if my firmware is not up to date.

So i want to solve this issue somehow.

At this point i dunno how to solve this stupid issue

How long normally takes WD support to respond?

I’ve asked them for this issue in 03/23/2012 and still don’t have any reply

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