My Book Essential firmware issues

I have a new 2 TB drive.  There is apparently a firmware update for this drive, according to the update utility I ran after installing SmartWare.  This update was downloaded, but it will not complete the installation. I get the error message:

The specified drive is in use. Please click exit and then close all other applications and run the wd firmware updater again.

Well, I have met all of the conditions listed to allow the update.  Everything has been removed and turned off. After checking this forum, I also took the additional step of uninstalling SmartWare. It still won’t work.

One post on the forum suggests that if I already have the newest firmware, then the update won’t run.  So - how do I check to see what firmware version I have now?  I’ve spent too long going in circles on WD’s site looking for the answer. Thanks.

If the drive works properly I wouldn’t worry about updating the firmware I never have. If it ain’t broke don’t fixit. With the Smartware uninstalled does the drive connect when you hook it up now?


You can check which Firmware version you have on the settings tab for Smartware. You can go to settings>drive settings, at the bottom left corner you will see about your drive info, there you should see the firmware revision.  If you get an error message that drive is in use, you will need to make sure the drive is not accessed by any other program.  

Also make sure Anti Virus and Firewall are off while updating the firmware, if not, you will end up with an unusable drive.

Last, but not least, make sure you backup any data on the drive before doing any updates.

If the drive is working fine , my best suggestions will be to leave it as it is. If you still want to continue with the updates, you can always try a different computer as well :wink:

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