My Book Essential file system failure (and data loss)

Hi all,

I would like to share my experience with the people and technician of the WD community.

Some days ago I’ve lost a entire directory of video data probably because an error during the security removal of the device which has corrupted the file system.

When I plugged My book to another computer, I received an error saying that the device should be scanned or fixed because some error, and the directory became unavailable.

After that, we run the chkdsk command to trying to fix the error, only to discover that this operation erased the directory completely.

My past experience with usb external Hard disk had never encountered errors like this, in which the file system or corruption of data where involved solely after a non safety disconnection from the PC. These type of error in my experience, were encountered only with usb flash devices.

I’ve also find out that the USB 3.0 controller is in some ways connected with a particular interpretations of the file system, so when you try to pull out the hd from the enclosoure and directly plug into the sata port of the PC, the HD is unreadable.

My question and considerations at this point are:

-What happened could be related to the controller and the way in which it manages data?

-Should I pay much more attention and consider the device much more fragile and delicate respect standard usb 2.0 hd?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions or considerations!

Hi Termophilus, not ejecting the drive can cause data corruption, in most cases using a data recovery program can help you recover most of your files, using Google you should be able to find several options. The My Book uses hardware encryption, so the files wont be readable if you remove the internal hard drive from the case. 

Thanks for your understanding and suggestions , but sure I haven’t understand yet why this device is somewhat exposed to these type of damage respect old usb 2.0 hard drive box. Like I said, never had file system failure disconnecting without ejection old 2.0 hard disk box from the PC. Maybe I was just very unlucky :frowning:

Thanks again to anyone that can explain!