My Book Essential - External Storage and Automatic Backup

Is it possible to use the automatic backup function to backup my C drive and save extra files to the external drive that I no longer want kept on my computer?  Would I need to create a partition to do this?  Any help would be appreciated.

Yo do not need to create a new partition. SmartWare will save the backups in a folder called wdsmartware.swstor, you can transfer any other data manually, out of this folder.

It’s never a good idea to trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it. You need at least 2 copies on different drives to be safe.


here is a few suggestion

create 1 folder – for both   computer – and – mybook backup

let’s called it  RECYCLE BIN

create 1 folder – both

let’s call it  THIS WEEK update and new files

then you backup these 2 – every week – do it manually

so it achieve your purpose


register and make a new account on justcloud-com

and  there is automatic backup there

I think automatic  is a perfect dream, but never a good practical idea

as  when will it trigger,  will you be sure you turn on both device when it is automatical backup or  backup everytime you boot up your computer – so I thinks it is OPERATIONAL MANAGMENT

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