My Book Essential External HD 2 TB USB 3.0+2.0 lock up laptop

My Book Essential External HD 2 TB USB 3.0+2.0 lock up laptop.

It set up ok on installation and backed up all my files, but only after restarting several times. I locks up the laptop requiring a restart by switching off each time ( Not good practice)

I am running Vista Home Premium

I have tried to run Retrieve but get so far and then it locks up. ,

Is there a compatibility issue with Windows Vista and this drive software.

Help appreciated

Hi there, what do you mean with “locking up” the computer? You mean the computer won’t fully boot or you mean it freezes -after- fully loading Windows?

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Thanks for replying, Acer Aspire with Vista  runs ok and opens WD smartware programme to backup retrieve etc all OK . but after a few miutes the whole system locks. ie keyboard , mouse is not working. only way is to reboot after switching off the mains power. Then it goes through the checkdisk procedure before rebooting back to windows. 

I have found that if I remove the WD WD smartware programme and only use the wd drive I can use the external HD to just drag and drop files without any problems. Therefore ?? WD smartware conflict with Vista somehow. Thanks

What are you using for your AV? Some of them can cause problems strange. I had trouble with AVG in the past. It had some kind of bug that froze my PC every time it contacted a stand alone version of SP2 for XP. I dumped it and never went back.


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And adding to what Joe just wrote, Roxio and Sonic DLA (And most DLA programs) are known to conflict with Smartware.

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I am using Microsoft Security Essentials loaded by Microsoft support last week. Removed AVG as it conflicted with IE9. Gone back to IE7.