My Book Essential Edition won't boot without power cycle

I start my computer and once booted up I must power cycle the My Book Essential Drive (green circle) before Windows XP SP3 (my computer & Windows Explorer) can see it. Once I Power Cycle the drive it works just fine. If I don’t Power Cycle the drive it has power to it but just isn’t there per Windows XP SP3 & I can’t do anything with it.

I also have a My Book Office drive that Windows XP has no problem with, it boots just fine.

My Book Essential Edition (drive E)

My Book Office Edition (drive F)

Backup the data of the Essential and reformat the unit, also if possible change the USB cable and the power adapter. One last thing does this happens in all computers?

I had these two My Book’s connected to my desktop with Windows XP SP3 and they worked fine.

The desktop died so I am now using my laptop with Windows XP SP3 in it’s place.

First I will try this drive on my wife’s machine to see how it works before I reformat the drive.

I am using the My Book Essential drive as a backup for the My Book Office drive. When I initailly set this up it took almost 2 whole days for the WD Anywhere Backup program to copy everything from the My Book Office drive (500 GB) to the My Book Essential drive (500 GB). I don’t want to have to do that again if I can help it.