My Book Essential Edition 2.0 Software (All) Shows up Undefined in Windows 7

I recently purchased a WD My Book Essential 2.0 320GB HD for $20 and I have been trying to get the manuals software etc. as it came without anything. I found the Download for MBE2 Softwaer All. When I try to install the windows version all the buttons, options etc. just show up as undefined. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there somewhere I can download software that is compatable with windows 7 64bit? I have a feeling that what I have downloaded is not a 64bit compatable software.


Do you have the latest version of Flash and Java installed?  Make sure you have all your Windows updates, as well.

From WD’s site you should be able to tell in the filename since it should say “x64” somewhere…

As Bill_s mention, just update your Java and flashplayer. This should solve the issue