My Book Essential Edition 2.0 750GB Mini-USB issue


I’ve search around the forum and didn’t come up with much on this particular model.

Anyway, I have the hard drive listed above (model # WDH1U7500N) and the pins within the female mini-B usb port that is within the HD has gone bad (crushed pins). Aside from reaching out to WD to repair it (out of warranty), I was wondering if there was any shop or a part that I can get to fix this USB issue.

I’ve looked up as much as I could and couldn’t find information if this board contained the onboard encryption. As I wondered if purchasing a new enclosure would solve my problem. If so, is there a certain type of external enclosure that I should be using or looking out for?

Any information would help greatly.




Based on my exsperience you are better off putting the hard drive in any enclosure it will work since this isnt the newer drives with smartware just make sure not to connect it to WIN 7 It should pop up just fine

Thanks for the encryption/smartware answer.

What would happen if I were to plug it into a Windows 7 OS?

I only ask cause one of the laptops that i have does run it.

Also is there a certain type of enclosure that should/shouldn’t purchase?

This should be really interesting… since this is an “Essentials” drive. I am eagerly waiting to see the result of your endeavor based on third party enclosure.

Good Luck!

I suggest you to take look at this thread from top to bottom.

If you have soldering skills, you can fix this just spending US$ 5.00. Or you can scavenge it (socket) from any portable (old) USB enclosure.

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Mabkay, I read the article u provided and you had mentioned that:

"You forgot to mention “Essentials” part on your initial post. All Essentials and Passports have drive encryption. "

Is this true? or are you interested in the results because it hasn’t been done on this model?

Unfortunately my soldering skills are limited to what i learned in stained glass class in middle school, is there a shop that i should be looking for? I’d hate to say it but - Geeksquad?

I should be picking up a SATA enclosure - anyone?

Good to see that you have done some homework. Since you have mentioned “Essentials”  I did look -up your model on the web. I was unable to find any drive encryption info related to your drive model. Current range of WD externals with “Essentials” suffix have drive lock feature built-in. Your drive model is somewhat old and may not have hardware  data encryption.

So enclosure thing might work for you. Since you are the original user, you must have the owners manual. If you can’t find password lock./encryption/VCD words in that manual means you can use third party USB enclosure.

About tech guys; I am not from US/EU so I cannot help you on that. But any Mobile phone/TV/Two-way radio repair guy should be able to do this for you.

Being that on the website it does not state that that particular drive is compatible with win 7

that is the reason why I suggest you not connect it to win 7 that is if you are trying to recover data.

I have a desktop with that exact same my book but mine is 1 tb. I formatted it and put a win 7 OS on it.

If you would like to do the same you can, but being that ive heard a lot of customers. Being that I work at Best Buy.

They have come to me and constantly said there drive is not recognized when connected to win 7. It appears that your partition might get damaged some how and the data might not be retreivable. In short retreive the data first with another external enclosure. then you are free to do as you will with the drive