My Book Essential Edition 2.0 (500GB) Not Recognized

Hi Guys,

My Book Essential Edition 2.0 (500GB) can’t be recognized by WD Smartware…??? although My Passport 3.0 (500GB) is recognized and works perfectly. Im running Windows XP.

Any Suggestions ?


Try downloading the latest Smartware version.

What’s your drive model number? Your drive came with Smartware?

Good day, My book essential edition 500 GB supports “My Book Essential Edition 2.0 Software (All)” I formatted the drive and downloaded the software… But when the drive is connected its not recognized and when I run the setup.exe it shows the main screen of the software but with blanks icon and can’t do anything,!!? Can anyone tell me what’s wrong and how to make my book recognizable?? Thx

I just found out that My Book Essential Edition does not have a backup software…!! How can I backup my laptop? Thx