My Book Essential Edition 2.0 2 TB NO POWER UP OR on

Hello everyone recently  I purchased few months ago   I use it for fat32 external hard drive for xbox 360  its no power I try try to plug in different external cord or USB port no power on even PC 2  I check the smell 2 no burn it all . anyone has this issue problem same as my.:cry:

ASUSG72 windows 7 home edition

Very disappointed noone answer solution for help.

Just some basic questions.

1.) Was the drive initially set up ? Did it ever turn on ? You did have the FAT32 partition already setup and running before?

2.) Did you use Smartware or Windows to install it.

3.) Is the My Book plugged in directly to a wall socket or a power strip ? If its plugged into a power strip, try the wall socket directly.

4.) Are you using the power switch on the back of the unit or unplugging the power cord to turn off and on ?

5.) Are you using the original 18 watt power supply ? 

7.) Have you had any power surges or outtages in your home lately ?

6.) Have you checked your USB cables and Ports and Hub Controllers in Device Manager ?

If  you cannot get any power to the unit after double checking the things above your power supply may be shot. You can order a replacement for  your model here… My Book Essential Parts

You also need to rule out the USB cable , it could  be bad too.