My Book Essential doesn't stay connected (or something)

My drive I *think* is dropping. After it’s been on for awhile (~20 minutes) and I haven’t been using it, all of a sudden the AutoPlay scan will launch as if it was just plugged again. When I try to sync my iPod, it fails partway through, because the drive seems to disappear. I have been reading on these forums for an hour or so and haven’t found anything exactly like this. Right now, I’m running a scan/repair on it. I was going to try a different USB port, but I’m guessing that isn’t going to solve my problem. It’s been happening since I bought the thing. I should have made time troubleshoot it then, while I still had a chance to return it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have also this recurring problem with Autoplay popping up all the time.  Very annoying.  I will bookmark this thread to see if there are any tips.

1.  Make sure cable & port is stable (try another drive or wiggle and see if drop).

2.  Check to see if new Firmware is available and update.

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