My Book Essential : dead HDD

My Book Essential (P/N WDBAAF5000EBK) has a dead HDD inside.

Can I just put another WD HDD inside?

Does it need to be NTFS formatted ?

Do I need a 500 GB as it was or can I have a bigger HDD ?

Whatever size it will be, does it need partitionning and software to be installed on it?




It might or might not work.

My recommendation is to try with a drive with the same information. same model as the drive inside… sometimes WD enclosures work with the model and firmware of the drive to be regconize by the enclosure.

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I do not have any WD HDD of 500Gb right now.

I’ve tried with a 160 Gb Maxtor i had but it doesn’t work neither.

My TV show me there’s a problem with the USB device.

I guess it’s trashcan for it.

Thanks for helping.

I can’t find the same model.

I need a WD5000AADS, and so far I’ve found some WD5000AVCS, WD5000AAKX, WD5000AZRX, WD5000AZDX, WD5000AUDX,  WD5003ABYX, WD5003AZDX, …

Which one is correct?

Is there any WD tech here?