My book essential crashes my Mac

Hi Giys, just joined so I’m after some help.

I have just bought and installed a My Book Essential for Mac. It took me ages to actually get it working, a reformat did the trick. However I have a problen that when I leave my Mac on for a long time, at some point during this the smartware apparantly comes on (even thought I thought I had uninstalled it) and crashes my Mac any advice?



If you think the WD Smartware software caused the computer? Try uninstall it.

From the “Go” drop down menu, click on “Applications”, find the “WD Smartware Uninstaller”, double clicks on it to

uninstall it.

Then, just use the WD external drive as an external hard drive.

WD crash? Just send it to DiskLabs and you will get you’re HD back as show. So be prepared for a total loss of all the data aswell as you’re. HardDisk. No warranty from your supplier and € 200. - + € 150.- = € 350. - for data recovery that does not work. Only promises nothing else. I bought two LaCie HD. More reliable!