My Book Essential backup to Amazon S3

I’m wanting to have the extra reassurance of cloud storage at Amazon rates. I asked WD Support and was told that the way to do it is by drop and drag but I’m not much wiser frankly. Would someone be kind enough (and patient enough!) to advise me how I get my backed up files onto Amazon S3?  I’d be immensely grateful. I’m thinking that others must have done this successfully…

Hello eddkay, currently there is no supported way to automatically backup your files to Amazon S3. You might be interested in how to use dropbox to backup your files automatically using Smartware. Check the links below for more information. 

How to create a backup to a Dropbox account using WD SmartWare Pro

How to backup the contents of a Dropbox account to an external hard drive using WD SmartWare Pro

Thanks for that. I actually wasn’t expecting for there to be an automatic backup facility. I was thinking that there might be some way to drag and drop my backed up files. This idea is based on an email response I had from a WD staff member… After mentioning the SmartWare Pro option, he said: 

"Any extra back up you would like to do might be done by simply drag and drop your data from your WD drives to your 3rd party back up cloud." But I can't think how actually to it in practice. That's the problem I need help with, and thanks for the help so far...

Hi again, from the S3 Organizer you should be able to explore the My Book Smartware backup folder, called smartware.swstor, inside this folder is where Smartware stores all of your files.

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I must be nearer to the right thing, that’s why I ticked the Kudos icon obviously. But when I put ‘smartware(dot)swstor’ into the search box I got this message: Your search for “smartware(dot)swstor” returned no results. What can I do now please? And thanks for your patience…Please note I used . not (dot) but I got an error when I used . in two places in this short post!

Difficult to know why it failed, have you tried doing a test with another folder that is saved in the My Book or your PC? The Smartware backup folder doesn’t have any security or features, it should work just like any other folder.