My Book Essential Apollo 500GB (WDBAAF5000EBK) can't unlock


i have received this HDD from a friend who never used it, don’t know why. I plugged in and it’s blinking the lock led.

I installed the Smartware software but i can’t hit the set up drive button. In windows drive manager dosen’t show up. I tried to use WD quick formatter, but can’t find the drive. Firmware upgrade also doesn’t find it.

So after all software tries i opened the enclosure and popped the HDD and connected him to another closure, worked fine format it, i putt it back to original closure, still locked.

What is the solution for unlocking ? the hdd alone works fine but dosen’t recognize with the original closure.

I use windows 7 32 bits.

Thanks for any help or answers.

Then it looks like the original enclosure is bad, also the drive is hardware-encrypted via the logic board so it won’t work out of the original case.

Is a clearly enclosure failure, but you void the warranty by opening the unit.