My Book Essential and WD Smartware don't backup!


I own a 2TB My Book Essential with the latest firmware and wd smartware version on windows 8.

But the problem is that the WD Smartware doesn’t backup my files. I already selected to backup 2 directories from my C: and all the data from my D:, but the transfer speed is something like 8kb/s~500kb/s (yes, kb/s!!!) and it when the backup works…

Usually the program don’t backup any of my files, and I don’t know why this is happening, because if I copy a file from any hard drive to my book it works normally.

I don’t know if the problem is in the program or hd, but I need a solution urgently. I remember that when I used the wd smartware 1.6 I didn’t have this problems…


If you didn’t format your drive and it came with 1.6, then uninstall the version on your computer and install 1.6 from the drive.