My book essential and mountain lion

My Book Essential in not mounting after Mointain Lion installation on my Mac.
Apple has no solution for this and adresses this issue to Western Digital.
Does anybody has a solution or advise?

Check on the utilities for Mac to see if the unit is properly formatted. Remember that the My book essential is ready to be use on a windows computer.

i would do it with pleasure, but disc utility does not see the disc… so i can not format it

After installing Mountain Lion on iMac myBook WD HD does not mount and cannot be seen on the desktop at all. The Motor is running in the drive, so there is no power problem. The Harddisk has been running untouched for a year before the installation of Mountain Lion. A search of Apple website has no work around except for testing the drive on another computer, which is nonsense when the drive has been untouched before the System upgrade to Mountain Lion. 

Western Digital must have a solution to this problem. Have hey not followed Apple’s Protocols? Is there a WD HD update available  – I need access to this data now…??

I also have this problem, and have found that if I connect the MyBook to my MacBook before booting, Mountain Lion will recognize the drive once it’s finished booting. I can then do whatever I need from there. But if I try to connect it after the machine is already up and running, it will not recognize the drive. I thought that WD would have a fix for this by now. From what I gathered from other threads, they were waiting for the official release of Mountain Lion before providing any kind of support.

My macbook pro retina with mountain lion won’t even recognize the mybook essential hard drive. After spending two hours online finding other people with the same problem the only soluntion is to return it immediately. I don’t have time for this [Deleted]. Of course they’ll probably never make a solution to force everyone who has had theirs for a while to buy a new one. I just bought this so it’s getting returned. Piece of junk. Never a WD customer again.