My Book Essential (500GB) doesn't connect anymore - nowhere shown/ listed (XP Prof SP3)

Hello everyone,

I own an older My Book Essential 500GB (looking like and it doesn’t successfully connect to my PC (Win XP Prof SP3) anymore. It does start when I start the Computer (light is on) and it makes a normal, but unusual repetitive drive sound (but no abnormal click or knack sounds). When I log in, it isn’t recognized and doesn’t appear anywhere (device manager, my computer, disk management).

I can make it connect through several replugging of USB/power cables, but it needs repeated tries and I feel that more are necessary every day. The same with restarting the PC. If in the past there was the seldom case that it didn’t connect a reboot helped, but now that doesn’t help at first try either. An Interesting thing is that today I gave up on dealing with the drive after some time and during writing this text recognized that it stopped with that repetitive drive sound I mentioned above. I switched off the drive and on again and after that it connected successfully!

Trying other USB-Ports (directly to PC or via HUB) or another cable didn’t have any effects. Connecting the drive to my laptop (XP Prof SP3) where it also ran without problems in the past, it was recognized, but only as new unknown hardware which couldn’t be automatically installed (didn’t go on further on that, though). At the moment where it is connected, it is shown in the disk management with no-error-status. I also did a quick scan with HDTune without any positive findings.

I also use another external device, namely a Maxtor One Touch 1TB. It runs without trouble and both drives did well together in the past. Well, IF I get the My Book connected, it runs fine, I can listen to mp3s stored on it etc. But it has big trouble connecting successfully at start up. The issue began about last week and I own the drive for 4-5 years by now. On the other hand, there weren’t any significant software or hardware modifications recently.

I am grateful for any ideas, suggestions or solutions concerning my problem. Ask if you need more information or if I forgot something important.

i would back up the info asap, your drive might be failing after you have successfully backed up your info try running the DLG 


thanks for your answer. Yes, I’ve already backed up all important files from the drive.


The S.M.A.R.T. gives only green check marks. Also, the drive passed the Quick Test. The Health Status (Right Click drive/ Properties) is “Good”… will go for the extended test now.

good :-), yes, after the extended test if you can post bac, to see the outcome

The drive also passed the extended test without any errors.

In addition, above I wrote:

“An Interesting thing is that today I gave up on dealing with the drive after some time and during writing this text recognized that it stopped with that repetitive drive sound I mentioned above. I switched off the drive and on again and after that it connected successfully!”

The same worked again this time… I’ve replugged the USB-cable only once with no effect, then switched the drive off/on one time also without an effect. Then I waited, it stopped with that repetitive drive sound after a while. I switched it off and on again and after that it connected successfully. I am at least happy that this seems to be a technique to get it connected. Needless to say, I’d prefer it the way it was the last years…

More ideas/ suggestions/ solutions welcome

Okay, something strange and bad just happened:

I wanted to continue listening the playlist in my media player (mp3s from the WD My Book). As I pressed play, a repetitive drive sound occured and all files in the list went grey. The drive was still seen in My Computer, but not as a physical drive in DLG. A yellow warning triangle occured in the system task bar, saying:

“Not all data for the file H:\autorun (the WD drive) could be saved. The data was lost. Possible cause could be from computer hardware or network connections. Try to save the data at another location.”

On the drive only the autorun folder remained , but it said that still about 360GB were taken. I tested wether i could copy a file from the desktop on the drive, and it said:

“[FILE] can not be copied: The file was not found. Make sure that the path and file name are correct.”

I started HDTune and selected the My Book, which was shown with 0 MB used. That seemed to cause HDTune to crash and the warning triangle occured again. I spinned down the drive which immediatly disappeared after this and could not be switched off. I switched off and on the power and it connected as usual and all folders and files were visible again - it worked fine and passed quick tests in DLG and HDTune…

What should I think of that?

Edit: A full HDTune Scan did not show any errors either.

Same issue on my 500gb essential on win 7. When im able to get it to show up in windows it passes wd diagnostics.

Then when i transfer large files (+1gb) it disconnects and data could not be saved error. Then have to shutdown computer since i cant power it off.

I was to send it in since theres still consumer warranty on it, but when i pulled it out from the shelf just the plastic casing came loose… The rubber underneath was stuck to the shelf. Cant seem to put on the case correctly again so double bad luck.