My book essential 500 gb backup, want to upload some files to my new computer that has windows 7

My old XP computer died, bought a new HP Touchsmart with windows 7installed . I emailed customer support if it was possible to  upload some of picture files,music files & word files to the new computer from the my book essential 500 gb.They responded with" unfortunately, the backup software nor the drive itself is compatible with Windows 7, it might work but we do not guarantee it". No suggestions, no updates, no support !!! The backup files to open are not recognized by the windows 7 system. Has anyone experienced this problem,is there something I need to download that the support person is unaware of. I  can’t believe I have backup and can’t do anything with it, isn’t that what it is for ?? Please advise ! Thanks!

Have you been able to rectify this, yet?