My Book Essential 4TB doesn't start?!

Hello there!

I just bought my 4TB, and transfered 3,5TB to the drive over a periode of about 24 hours. The drive was on the whole time.
When finished with the transfer, I checked the drive, and everything was as it should be: The movies on it was able to play and all was good and dandy.

Two days later, I plug it in to my computer, and nothing happens! Actually different things happen, when I plug it in:

  1. Nothing happens, except the white light is on.
  2. The drive starts spinning, as if it was normal, but nothing comes up on the computer, and is not to be found with use of the SmartWare. After a few minutes, it stops spinning.
  3. Once every 20-30 tries, it starts normally! But only if I take the power away, wait 30 sekunds, and turn on the power again.

What is wrong?? And how can I fix it?
I am very frustraited!

Grettings from Brian

Try ejecting the drive and reconnecting to the PC

It is not possible to eject the drive, because it is not connected!
I was able to get a connection yesterday evening, but today i tried like 100 times, and nothing happens… :frowning: