My Book Essential 3Tb

I would like to backup more than one computer using My book essential so will I be able to unplug it and install it on another computer? Is there a manual for this drive? When I bought it, it didn’t come with a cd or manual so is it available online? Will I be able to install it on a router?

Which model you have? The one with Smartware? If so, just connect the drive to the other computer and the backup will begin immediately.

Thanks for the reply and my mod is WDBACW0030HBK-NECS. It does say WD smartware software on the box so I guess it does have it.  No instructions came with the hdd so is this normal and was it suppose to come with a cd to load anything? Ok, so I plug it into the computer but do I have to create different folders for different computers or will My Book know which computer is which? Sorry for all the stupid questions.