My Book Essential 3TB USB3 - Very Slow Access Times

Each time I try to access my 3TB drive, it takes at least one full minute for the drive to respond and allow me to view files and folders. All of my other WD external drives only take a couple of seconds to do the same thing.

It is not particularly full and it only happens when the drive has not been in use for more than 15 or 30 minutes or whatever sleep time it’s got built into it.

I think this is because it must have one of those crappy “green” hard drives inside it.

Is there anything I can do to make it more responsive?

(I have no problem with its transfer speeds which average around 100MB/sec lately - a huge improvement on the 30MB/sec speeds I was originally getting until it suddenly sped up significantly a few weeks ago).

Do you experience this issue with another computer?

I haven’t hooked it up to another computer but I will try.

Hi This is sandhu from Bangalore,

Am having 2 MyBookLive storage device , When am trying to access these throgh network is works too slow, its take 2-4 mins to open its page. ( i stop to use this device now) tried this with cat 5 and cat6 cable but its no use,

Please advise me.  Thanks