My Book Essential 3tb Problem

My WD 3tb hard drive can’t be accessed by my computer. I have a feeling that it’s a corruption of the firmware after doing a lot of reading. I don’t think it’s a physical issue because it spins normally and doesn’t click, but the drive will show up (not every time) in my computer with just a drive letter and no data information. I’ve eliminated the power cord and usb cord as the problems as they are new from another WD drive. I’ve used multiple recovery software programs, but they can’t access the drive. I think it’s the firmware issue, but is it completely dead at this point? Has someone else been able to retrieve their data themselves by somehow fixing the firmware issue? Also, would this drive still be under the WD 2 year warranty at this point? I can’t remember when I bought it exactly, but I’m sure it wasn’t over a year ago. Also, any other suggestions about what to do or a software program to try would be great! Thanks! Trevor

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You may check here to see if your drive is under warranty.  If a sofwtare cannot recover the data you may take the drive to a data recovery company.

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did you try to update the firmware again?

check if the dirve appears on disk management and make sure is not password protected