My Book Essential 3TB locked it's self and won't let me unlock it

My 3TB My Book went missing overnight.  Drive Genius, TechTools and Disk Utility don’t recognize it.  SmartWare tells me the drive is locked but I never set it upi t be locked.  It won’t’ index the files on the drive an tells me it has 600MBs of capacity rather than 3TB.  Any way to unlock it or recover the files off it without a data recovery service?

well the 600MB belongs to the VCD of the unit… it seems to be that the physical drive is lock… try contacting WD support to see if they have solution for it.

Try going to Disk Utility and see if the drive shows there

you can use a data recovery software if it does

Sorry to take so long to reply.  Disk Utility doesn’t recognize the drive.  Only WD shows it.  I’ll give WD Support a shot as the drive is still under warranty.