My Book Essential 3tb firmware udate "no drive found"

Ok just trying to install the firmware update , it found the drive initially and displayed its serial number,told me an update was available and sent me off to the site to download it.  But part way through the install process it just says “no drive found” and bombs out.

this is on windows 7 ultimate

serial of drive is:  [Deleted]

prod id is wdbacw0030hbk-00

any ideas?


The latest firmware for the drive is available for download at the Western Digital website. Please see the link below:

When I run the updater here is what happens:

Welcome Screen (Fine)

EULA Screen (Fine)

recognises My Book Essential SN: SXXXXXXXXXXXXX V1.012 (everything still fine)

When I click next then the application just closes, without saying anything

it’s a 3TB usb 2.0/3.0