My Book Essential 3TB extended scan

I have been hearing alot of horror stories about the my book essential 3tb external hard drives, so to ensure that my drive is ok , i  did a extended scan from the western digital data lifeguard tool 1.24 version.  It ran for about 30 minutes and return with a too many bad sector error (error 8) as well as bad cable error.  I had to unplug it and replug it back in for it to be recognized.

Smart indicates a Raw Error Read of 200.  After i replug the drive back in and ran HD Tune Pro 4.61 and after 2 hours it didn’t find any issues.  So far it’s still running and didn’t find any problems with it, do you know if it’s a glitch in the western digital software or is there something wrong with my drive?  I bought it last week from staples and have only used it for about 12 hours (9 hours to copy data on it and 3 hours to scan the drive for potential issues)  I don’t want to be stuck with a losing my 1.5 tb of data i have already put on it.

If HDTune reported no errors, the drive should be working fine.  To confirm you may try running DLG from another PC.

contacted WDC support too, they mention that the drive is defective and asked me to send it in for RMA.

i rerun the WDC extended datalife guard test again and it errors out at 97% complete this time (6.5 hours!)  Also, the drives becomes really hot in the extended scan, it goes up to 51C

I actually mailed it in today to get it RMAed.  Better be safe than sorry with all the data.  Spend like 5-6 hours backuping the data.  When doing the backup it actually error once twice, it mention that it couldn’t copy the files over.  Had to restart it and it worked for awhile.