My Book Essential 3TB Drive Not Working When Connected To Network Media Tank Popcorn Hour A-100

External Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB Drive  Not Working When Connected To Network Media Tank Popcorn Hour A-100 

I plug it in and I get a “USB Failed” message. How do I make this work?

On the networkmediatank forum they tell me it doesn’t work because it’s a hidden VCD partition

on the external drive and that i need to disable it to make it work.

The problem is that i can’t find the vcd partition. I updated the firmware and tried to follow the

guides that are out there but still don’t see the VCD.

Have i missed som crucial steps or do I need to format the external drive?

Should I uninstall everything in windows and try to redo all the steps?

Thankful for guidance in this matter

take a look at

Whenever I get a WD Drive, the very first thing I do is FORMAT by right clicking on the drive in my computer…

Does this help?

Why do you format it, it comes out of the box as NTFS?

It comes with additional software that I dont want. Also by formatting, it doesnt automatically pop up with smartware.

Does that mean you are able to utilize ALL 2Tb of the hard drive and not just 1.81Tb?

No youll still get 1.81. I just like raw storage and dont like dealing with extra software that comes with every drive thats all!

See what Im saying?

Hi there.  I’m having a slightly different problem.  I have a 3 TB My Essential hard drive that’s connected to my WD network drive.  I used the online program software to format the hard drive, but now I can only see/use 1.8 TB of my drive.  Its formatted to NTSF.  What must be done?

I don’t know if this will shed any light on it or not.


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Awesome.  Well that explains that!!!  Thank you so much Joe_S.  I have one more hiccup though.  My WD My Book Essential won’t let me convert it to a dynamic disk, or at least my computer says it can’t be done.  Would you by chance have any insight into this?

I don’t know about that part. Maybe some third party partitioning tool will work.