My Book Essential 3TB brain dead!

A few days ago some files started to not run properly so I began to move then out of the WDHD to restore the drive, well yesterday the drive simply stopped being recognizes by the computer and now the Windows Computer Management shows that the drive is on RAW state. I try formatting it but it fails all the time! What to do? Please I need help quick

At this very moment i managed to start running diagnostics on the drive with the WD Data LifeGuard Diagnostics tool. wish me luck

Usually “RAW” means the partition table was corrupted by not “Safely Removing” the drive.

I’ve had luck using TestDisk from CGSecurity to restore a missing/damaged partition table.

Hmm.  I’m wondering if this is a symptom of failure somewhere in the USB 3.0/controller board?

I had a similar problem when I was playing with a USB 3.0 MyBook enclosure that would only work as a USB 2.0 device.  I had a spare SATA drive, so I connected it to the board, powered it up, and connected the USB 3.0 cable.  Like the thread starter, the disk appeared “raw” to the OS, and I was unable to format it.  Selecting either MBR (which should have worked, as it is a 160 GB drive) or GPT gave an error to the effect that the drive was “write-protected.”  Which is a curious error to get from a hard disk!

Well, I don’t use the 3.0 bus. I managed to wipe out the drive and restore factory settings but the speed is still low. I’m working on the hypothesis of the sectors being corrupted. So I’m going to try a complete wipe out of the drive since the WD SmartWare diagnostics tool won’t analyze the drive.