My Book Essential 3 TB not connecting to various TV USB ports


I have recently bought a 3TB WD My Book Essential External Hard Disk Drive as a back up to my movies and music and also to connect this to different TV sets via their USB ports but for some reason when I connect it to ANY USB TV set the hard disk does not get picked up.

I have tried to update the firmware of the 3TB HDD and have not managed to do so and have also made sure that the firmware on the various TV sets is up to date. I have also hooked up a WD 2TB HDD to the same TV sets and they picked it up within 5 seconds

Can any one enlighten me on what I can do to get this 3TB to connect to a USB TV set ??

Thank you.

Did you reformat the drive?


Hi Joe,

No I didnt. I just opned the box and began to transfer stuff onto it.

If I reformat it I’ll loose all the data on it right

Hi there! I don’t think it’s going to work even if you reformat it… Drives past 2.1TBs are not produced the same way and even WD’s media players can’t use those drives, so I find it not likely for a TV to see the 3TB drive.

This is also happening to Seagate, so it’s the 3TB design itself…

Hi Pizza Matrix

So does that mean that I cannot connect this drive to a TV ???

Is there any other method I can use besides a USB port to get it to connect. Or shall I just give up and resign to the fact that I bought this drive for nothing but storage

Thanks for ypu help and advice

Not  to sound negative, but yes…

If I were you, I’d contact the TV manufacturer and confirm if it can support 3TB drives, and if so, the specific configuration that it needs (Again, even WD’s media players don’t work with their own 3TB drives, so it may not be easy)…

If not, if it has not been that long then return the 3TB Essential and trade it for a 2TB Elements, it is the most universal drive from WD, so it has a higher chance to work =)