My Book Essential 3.0Tb no drive letter for Windows 10

Hello all. I just plugged in my new just out of the box WD My Book Essential WDBACW0030HKB-01 into my 4 month old Dell XPS-8930 running Windows 10 with all latest updates. No drive letter was assigned. I downloaded the WD Drive Utilities and it passed the Drive Status check and the Quick Drive Test. It shows up in my Disk Management console as: Disk 2 Basic 2794.49 Gb Online. It shows (3) partitions: a 200 Mb healthy EFI system partition, a 2794.17 Gb healthy primary partition and a 128 Mb unallocated space (partition?) Interestingly, the main partition does NOT show NTFS like my on-board hard drive does.

When I right-click on the healthy primary partition, every thing is greyed out except for ‘Delete volume …’ Options for ‘Mark partition as active’ and ‘Change Drive letter and paths…’ show up but are greyed out.

When I right-click on the Disk2 label to the left, I get several choices:
New Spanned volume…
New Striped volume…
New Mirrored volume…
Convert to Dynamic disk…

None of those choices sound like something I should be doing.

For reference, an older 1.0 Tb WD My Book with an older trapeziod shaped USB cable works fine, actually showing (2) drives: one called WD Smartware (F:) and one called My Book (G:)

I tried un-installing all the USB controllers and re-booting but that didn’t help.

I just want my new out-of-the-box My Book to get a drive letter so I can use Acronis True Image to perform a backup.

Any ideas on what I need to do?

Thanks in advance,

Bob Kiser

Hi rkiseral,

You could try to reformat the drive using the information provided below.

Disclaimer :- Performing a Format will delete all information on the device. This process is Data Destructive and irreversible.