My Book Essential 3.0 - possible bad power supply?

hello - have a My Book Essential that we move DVR programs and movies onto it regularly from our DISH network box.

noticed the other day that the white light on front was out.  checked power, unplugged/replugged in.

now it only lights up for a brief flash when either plugging into AC or with AC plugged in and connecting to unit.

suspecting a power supply failure

what do you think?

WD indicates the replacement power supply [ Model: WDPS037RNN] is out of stock

18W Power Adapter for My Book and My DVR Expander

i can find compatible adapters online … but hesitate to order if something else could be wrong with unit

thank you

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I’d recommend not using 3rd party power adapters and instead waiting for the power supply to become available at WD. Most single-drive WD My Books from the same generation share the same power adapter.

thank you for your responce … do you think the power supply is the issue?

i don’t have a multimeter to check IF there’s power output

just got back home today and unit still doing the same thing - quick flash of white light when plugging in and then nothing.

thank you for you assesment 

It could be the power supply, or an internal disk drive failure. On either case, basic troubleshooting steps include replacing the power adapter.