My Book Essential 3.0 not picking up on USB 3 port

I have a 2TB My Book Essential 3.0 and it doesn’t pick up when plugged into a USB 3 port.

I have tested and know the following

  • Yes, the port is working

  • Yes, the cable is working 

  • Yes, my motherboard is working and it is running the latest BIOS

I am running Win 7 64 with SP1.

When I plug the Mybook into a USB 2 port it works immidiately.

When I unplug the MyBook leave it for a while and plug it into a USB 3 port it also work.

However it never works when I boot up the computer and it is plugged into a USB 3 port. I have found some people with the same issue but none of the suggestions have resolved my issue. I uninstalled Smartware, I disabled legacy usb support in the bios, updated the drive firmware to 1.12 and I even reset the bios but nothing helped.

I am so fed up with WD, I have had nothing but issues, first with my MyBook Essential which broke, then with the MyBook live and now this with the USB 3 port.

Hope someone can help!

You do know that this is a driver issue…

The fact the is working intermittently lets you know that the drive can work with the 3.0 …

Sometimes the power could be a factor believe it or not

make sure the drive is connected to a wall outlet during boot

Well, either driver or firmware issue. I have no doubt that the harddrive and motherboard are fine.

And since there are many people complaining about this it seems that the issue is on WD’s side.

The drive is connected to power at all times and I have unplugged and replugged it several times.

I think the USB 3.0 was not well tested and has issues with a lot of other products. I think people that use addon cards have even more problems. I see posts in a lot of places with people having USB 3.0 issues.