My book essential 3.0 connectivity issue

I recently just purchased an Alienware M17x R4 and there seems to be an issue between the drive and  the system somewhere, This drive i have owned for a few months and when i first got it there was an issue with connecting to my desktop win 7/32 which it ended up working out and i was able to use the drive with my system and now that i have this new laptop im not able to keep the dive connected so i can view my files that are backed up which is driving me mad this drive works perfectly fine with my desktop and my old hp vista 64 laptop and if i boot into unbuntu the drive dosen’t disconnect on me with my  M17x R4… I worked for dell tech support for about 2 year so im good with computers and this byfar is the worst issue i have ran into.

Drivers have been reinstalled and i have installed the smartware and even updated the firmware with my desktop that works fine, I also have restored the system to factory and tried to see if that worked and i cant get the drive to stay connected on 3.0 and 2.0 i even tried uninstalling the ses drivers and using the win 7 drivers thinking i might get lucky but no dice, there is no reason that i should get  any replys asking me to check the cable because i have 2 systems that my external drive is working perfect on, Is there some special drivers that i need in order to get this working on my brand new M17x R4 or will i have to go back to seagate and hope to have better luck.

No special driver is required, and nothing seems to be wrong with the My Book, since as you confirmed it works fine in other computers, and also if you use Ubuntu on your M17x R4.  The issue might be related to the driver your computer is loading for USB drives.  I do not think that going back to Seagate will make any difference.