My Book Essential 3.0 2TB works on laptop but not on LG 32LE5300 TV

P/N: wdbacw0020hbk-01

-The TV is saying problem with usb device. 

-No problem when plugged in to laptop

-This was a replacement product. Previous unit works fine with same tv. I dont recall if the previous one is a -00 or -01.

-I tried upgrading the firmware but it says it already has the latest firmware. (v1.003).

What could be the problem?? 

Do you know what file system the drive needs to have in order to work with the TV?

I know you mention it was working with the previous one, but maybe you might have formatted the drive.

Also, Have you checked on the LG forums?

A lot of drives need to be formatted FAT32 to work with video devices. Check and see what your TV requires format.


They are both on NTFS format which is supported by the TV. I really feel that it is the firmware. I just dont understand why I cannot update to 1.016 version.