My Book Essential 3.0 2TB not recognized

MyBook 3.0 is only 3.0 device I have

  1. MyBook 3.0 is not recognized in dvbt (media player) Infinity HD8000

All others 2.0 devices (sticks and external drives) can be recognized no matter of format and size

  1. MyBook 3.0 is not recognized via express card port 3.0 (AKE BC628) on Toshiba Satellite M60-59 laptop running

XP SP3. All others 2.0 devices works

MyBook 3.0 works only on native usb2.0 ports on the same laptop.

Why does it not works on ports that accept other 2.0 devices (dvbt and laptop expresscard)

Any help or explanation?


did you install the usb 3.0 drivers, yet? 

not being recognized on your dvbt media player may be a compatibility issue.  check with that manufacturer to see if they suppor usb 3.0.  also have you tried using just the usb 2.0 cable to connect to the media player?

thanks, Wayne, for quick reply

I should try 2.0 cable for media player. (I didn’t know that exist such a cable for little port on MB3.0)

Question still is: why MB doesn’t ‘downgrade’ speed to 2.0 automatically like it does on 2.0 comp ports?

express card…

Do you mean native driver for excard or special WD driver which comes with MB3.0 bundled with desktop excard?

(cos some users state that that driver don’t work with laptop excard)

Well, I don’t know if I installed right native driver:

after I connected my excard, xp automaticaly installed one of the bunch of drivers from bundled CD.

It’s Asmedia ASM104x USB 3.0 Host controller driver. With that driver excard reads 2.0 devices, if I uninstall it, excard is dead. (don’t know if it is right driver). Another problem is that laptop cant boot with excard inserted!