My Book Essential 3.0 2TB does not work anymore

Hey, I’ve got a Toshiba Satellite notebook with Windows 7 32Bit and have been using my My Book Essential 1130 for about a year now. Sunday all of a sudden my laptotp did not recognize it anymore. Well, to be accurate: It is recognized and shows up in the Device Manager as usual, where it says, that it is all working. However, it shows up in the Explorer as “Local Drive (J:)” instead of “My Book (H:)” (I think it was H:, not sure here) and there i no bar or numbers indicating how much room there is on the drive. In the Drive Manager it shows up with 1862,98 GB, but has no letter assigned to it. Now what is really notable: The drive always connects and disconnects to my laptop. The normal usb-sound plays and than after a minute or so the drive shows up in the explorer as described. Than the green address-bar at the top slightly fills to indicate, that the system is scanning, or whatever it is actually indicating =D. When it is completely filled, what takes some minutes, the drive disconnects and it plays the matching usb-sound. Now, sometimes immediately, sometimes after a minute or so, it all starts over again. I just don’t know what to do and, as you might imagine, there is some data on the drive, that I would like to keep. I hope someone is able to help me :confused: And please don’t mind my language, I’m not a native speaker and tried to translate the technical terms as good as possible =) Greetings from Germany Alex

You said that it doesn’t have a letter in Disk Management. Look there down where the bars are. What color is the bar and does it say anything there like Raw or Unallocated?


The bar is blue, as the bars of all the other drives are, too, which is “Primary Partition”. What it says in the left box is: “Base [or Basic?] 1862,98GB Online” In the right box, below the blue bar, it says just “1862,98GB” and nothing else.

Edit: Further Information: When I push the power button to turn it off, the drive shuts down and reboots automatically immediately. When I want to save-remove it, it takes quite a while, before I get an affirmation.