My Book Essential 2TB USB 3.0 problem

i am running Windows 7

Yesterday i was copying files then all of a sudden it started freezing up while copying.  so i unplugged it (Safely).  when i plugged it in it doesnt show up in Disk Management or Computer.  but it makes the Ding noise like you plugged something in.  it shows up in the WD SmartWare app.  also down by the clock where you click on that icon to Eject it safely.  after i uninstalled the USB Mass Storage Driver i plugged it in again and it says its working correctly and “Ready to Use” but it still wont show up in Computer.

this is what i have already tried:

i have installed the SES Driver by itself.

uninstalled the USB Mass Storage driver

used the WD Diagnostic tool (both Quick and Extended test).  i got a pass on both.

also (and i heard this was a big mistake) i went to Disk Management and i get an message that says i need to Initalize the Disk.  either MBR or GPT.  i clicked OK for both of them.  i heard that that deletes everything on the HDD.  i only did it once for both.

can anyone help?

Try to plug it into another computer/Laptop and see if it shows up. As far as losing stuff…It depends on what you want to retireive…I have used Data Retieival Softare in the past and got everything back…but let’s see if we can get it to be seen first…