My Book Essential 2TB - Random Disconnect / Reconnect while in use

I’ve tried seaching the forum for this problem, but couldn’t find anything relative.

Just recently my HD has been quite randomly (2 - 5 times per day) disconnecting and then reconnecting.

I’m fairly sure of this because of the USB connection sound effects.

This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it didn’t cause Bittorent to lose the file connection and quit downloading untill I force it to recheck the file. There is no sleep timer set in Vista or the WD SmartWare.

I have tried updating to the latest firmware and WD SmartWare. Problem still occurs.

Power supply and USB cable seem to be in good shape and free from shorts.

HD is currently optimized for quick removal, but I’m wondering if changing this setting to performance would possibly solve my problem. It may help to note that the Vista “Safely Remove Hardware” tool has never worked with this drive, even when the HD is not being accessed. Also, Disk Check and WD Diagnostics reveal no problems.

My 3TB My Book does the same thing when plugged into USB 3.0 ports, but not USB 2.0 ports.  I even bought a new powered USB 3.0 hub to connect it to in order to see if it was just some weird power issue through my mobo, with negative result. Any help to stop this stupid disconnect issue would be awesome.

Look in the advanced power settings and see if there is a sleep setting enabled there.


From my original post - “There is no sleep timer set in Vista or the WD SmartWare.”

Even if there was, it should not be going to sleep while being downloaded to.

The disconnect happend yet again sometime last night, causing me to miss out on precious download time untill I could restart Bittorent this morning. Problem also happend twice between 7 and 8am, but the HD has been running steady for the past 3 hours.

Check whether your drive is getting over heated. In some drives when they are about fail (Servo circuits) they get overly heated. Try placing a small fan directed to drive enclosure for increased cooling. If this solves your issue, be sure to transfer all your data out of My Book ASAP.   

The bit torrent may not provide enough activity to keep it awake. I mentioned the advanced power settings because it caused some people had problems with USB 2.0 with the selective suspend being enabled.