My Book Essential 2TB - Files Not Displaying

Just picked up a new 2TB My Book Essential and uncompressed about 73 gig of files to a subdirectory I created on the drive. After the process was done I went and traversed down thru the directories but when I get a couple levels deep, all of a sudden there are no more directories displaying and no files either. But here is the odd part… If I right click and select properties for the directory where the files should be the property window tells me that there is 72.8 GB, 22,234 Files, 1,229 Folders.

Can someone provide me an idea of  what the issue is?


I am having the same problem.  Tried 3 different computers and still no luck.  I am unable to see any of the files on my external HD but when I right click and click on properties it show 25GB used. Any suggestions?

I have a MY Book Essentail 500GB and my computer is running Windows XP.