My book essential 2TB fault

Hi   my 2T essential hard drive stopped working with my mac. for a few days ive been unable to get the mac to see the drive, today it sees it and  I can see all my image  files and can even open them but can no longer edit copy or write them. Im not very knowledgable about computers, i dont know what to try. can somebody please help?

As a recommendation, since you are able to see the pictures and open them, get the files out of the drive and make sure that the drive is fully formatted for Mac. 

Probably, your drive is only showing as read only and you wont be able to copy files to it.

To test or reformat the drive, see the following link.

Remember that reformatting the drive will erase the information on it. so before you try that make sure that to move your files out of the drive.

Hi, the drive is formatted for mac and ive been using it for two years no problem.  suddenly I cannot get the files out of the drive as they wont export, save as or copy.  :cry: